Free Click Fraud Detection &
Click Fraud Auditing Software Services

VeriClix is the web's only fully sponsored free pay per click fraud software service.

VeriClix exists to:

1. Help advertisers understand what is happening in the pay per click campaigns. The PPC networks do not provide all PPC activity data to advertisers, but only provides delayed, filtered data. VeriClix provides up to the second unfiltered data and provides custom reporting to see who is clicking their ads and when.

2. Provide marketing, advertising and public relations agencies with the technological means to provide pay per click fraud services to their clients to protect their online advertising investments.

In addition, Jeff Martin, founder of VeriClix provides a pay per click fraud news and commentary blog to bring click fraud issues into discussion, point of deficiencies in the PPC networks and provide guidance and recommendations on how best to tackle the click fraud problem both on an individual and industry basis.

VeriClix: Free Pay Per Click Fraud Software Service
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 October 13, 2010 newsletter fraud news
Click Fraud Detection Services
VeriClix is the web's only free click fraud detection software services. VeriClix will detect and alert you to click fraud trends with real time reporting. VeriClix will show up to the second data on any PPC network including:
  • Google Adwords
  • Yahoo! Internet Marketing (Overture)
  • Kanoodle
  • And more...
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New services upcoming

We are very happy to announce our collaboration with a new company.

To consolidate our activity in Adsense and online shopping, we decided to work togheter with : Instaon : a specialized company in Adwords.

Classifieds ads

The classifieds market is protected against the click Fraud. We are happy to announce our new customer that we work with since May 2020 : Classifieds ads

Click Fraud Auditing Services
VeriClix catalogs all your pay per click traffic
from multiple networks into our easy-to-use reporting area. You'll be able to login, build reports and compare clicks from all of the PPC networks.

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Theres a New Sherrif in Town
VeriClix: Find out why it's the new sherrif in town
Google AdwordsKanoodle Yahoo! Search Marketing
Police Your PPC Advertising for Fraud

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    • Create a new revenue stream
    • Add PPC click fraud detection to your RFPs
    • Protect your client's advertising investment
    • Start recouping lost advertising dollars now
    • Own your own click fraud auditing service
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    VeriClix, a click fraud company, provides the only free pay per click fraud detection and auditing software services
    that monitor and report all pay per click activity from Google Adwords / Adsense, Overture, Kanoodle and all other CPC networks.