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Friday, September 23, 2005

Google Confirms Click Fraud is Top Issue for Advertisers

This past Monday I attended the Dallas Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association monthly meeting. I was particularly interested in this meeting because from Google we had David Dietze, who handles all travel and technology commerce clients throughout the Southeast and Southwest, and Brian Devill (David called him the 'muscle') speaking on "The Search Economy," outlining best practice advertising and marketing strategies for 2005 and 2006.

There were two questions I wanted answered:

1. Will Google have an open policy in working with 3rd party click fraud software service providers who collect and aggregate PPC click information on behalf of advertisers?

David Dietze responded that yes, Google will openly work with and accept data from 3rd party providers and that they want to know anytime suspicious activity occurs in advertising campaigns. That's good news for VeriClix users.

2. How big of an issue is pay per click fraud to Google's on advertising clients in the pre and post sales process?

Brian Devill, wide-eyed, told me "click fraud is THE issue". The fact is that even advertisers that let Google directly manager their PPC campaigns (i.e. : Fortune 1000 companies) are very concerned that Google themselves is having difficulty in monitoring and detecting click fraud.

One big difference between VeriClix and Google, its not in Google's best interest to refund you advertising dollars out of their own revenue. IMO Google has no place in managing an advertisers PPC campaign, there is a direct conflict of interest.


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