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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

CIO Magazine & SEMPO: 70% of PPC Advertisers Worry About Click Fraud

Well this goes right along with what Google said when I asked them if click fraud was a big issue for them in the pre/post sales process at a DFWSEM meeting here in Dallas.

Ok, CIO took SEMPO's survey numbers and has regurgitated them in a recent article.

The difference?

Executives will actual care about what a CIO article has to say about the seriousness of click fraud rather than a group of search "voodoo seo" guys at that "simpo" thing.

The CIO article lays it out in terms CIOs and CMOs can understand:

1. Click fraud screws up your conversion tracking and your PPC advertising strategy.
How can you judge what keywords/ads are converting? How do you know what ads in your A/B testing are working? How do you know what keywords to cut due to a high cost per acquisition? How can you effectively manage your margins?

Without conversion traffic your shooting blind. Pay-per-click advertising is all about hitting the numbers and click fraud makes those numbers less reliable.

2. Click fraud costs more money than just what the fraudsters get away with.
Every hour your marketing team spends combating click fraud or talking with their reps and arguing about 'low quality' clicks is an hour they are not focusing on your marketing campaigns. Your marketing campaigns become more sluggish and it’s costing you man-hours. Basically it’s costing you more money from about every angle, the initial fraud is only the tip of the iceberg.

3. Advertisers need a partner who is capable auditing all PPC activity and who is monitoring for click fraud.
Unfortunately this is usually NOT the traditional advertising or PR firm or even "interactive" firm that is already managing PPC advertising for their clients. Out of the PPC campaigns I've inherited in the past many of these agencies don't have the experience to manage the dynamics that a PPC campaign can bring. To add to this, click fraud is the new bad boy on the block and many agencies don’t know what it is, what their risk level is or how to protect themselves.

The Solution - VeriClix
VeriClix is a great solution for advertisers and agencies. With its minimal installation (1 line of JavaScript), total tracking system, simple yet detailed reporting interface and exportable reports in a variety of formats, advertisers can more easily understand what is happening in their PPC campaigns.

In addition, VeriClix (unlike the PPC networks) does not provide you with a filtered version of your PPC activity but provides full disclosure with up-to-the-second activity reports as opposed to the several hour gaps with PPC network reporting. This allows advertisers to monitor for specific activity and be alerted to potential problems in real-time.


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