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Friday, October 21, 2005

Click Fraud Warning Signs

Well we all think that we will know click fraud when we see it. Most of us think we'll find that ten click extravaganza from one IP that traces back to a competitors site and we yell aHa!

The truth is click fraud can work it's way into your campaigns and look like normal traffic rather easily. This is why advertisers will have a better chance at finding click fraud then Google, Kanoodle or Overture (Yahoo!) will. Because advertisers can be very familiar with how their campaigns work on their set pricing levels and partner content networks. If your just now starting to look for click fraud in your PPC campaigns you may not readily be able to see it as it may have been there before you started looking for it.

A mixture of these signs could be a strong indication of click fraud:

  • Look for a certain ad dollar bid level where your ROI/CPA take a noticeable dip on a consecutive basis.

  • Look at days of the week or even hours of the day when your ROI drops off. Is there a trend? Every night at 7pm does your CPA drop? Are Thursdays always your worst days for ROI now?

  • Does your ROI drop every time you elect to use the PPC networks content network?

  • Is your ROI for one particular country worse than others?

  • Are one page bounces up after a certain hour of the day or day of the week?

  • Has traffic from blogs (splogs) increased lately while conversions have decreased?

  • Has a non-seasonal keyword suddenly produced a surge of clicks when no change has been made to the ad copy or where or how it shows?


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