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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Google - Sergey Brin Hints That Click Fraud Is a Cost of Doing Business

Ok this is what Serrgey Brin had to say at Web 2.0:

Q: We heard that click fraud is not a problem from a senior Google employee? Is click fraud a problem?

A: Sorry to disappoint but I’ll echo the problem - it’s something we have to work on but there’s already a long list of protections. We have fraud teams, a lot of our advertisers (in fact most) care about the conversions, making the sales, and know the exact ROI they’re getting. To them, if there’s a case of click fraud, it’s the same as disinterested clicks - don’t care as much about that, but about the ROI. Doesn’t completely protect people but on the whole clickfraud is kept to a very low level.

What I get out of that is:

Our advertisers care about ROI most of all (duh - the bottom line) . As long as they are happy with the ROI then click fraud is a low priortity issue.

What a limited point of view by what is supposed to be an industry mover and shaker.


Hello? Is this thing on? #Thump# #Thump#

C'mon Sergey, you might have the advertisers' eyes glazed over at the site of you at Web 2.0, but click fraud professionals know there is everything to gain by pushing forward and holding Google responsible for fraudulent clicks.

Why should Google be allowed to keep hundreds of millions of dollars generated by fraudulent clicks?


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