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Friday, November 04, 2005

Click Fraud Bot User Arrested

Jeanson James Ancheta was indicted by a Washington D.C. grand jury because he "...used the software to perpetrate click fraud, garnering tens of thousands of dollars..."

Still not convinced you probably have a click fraud problem? Google, Yahoo! (Overture), Kanoodle and the rest of the PPC networks make statement after statement that click fraud is only a small problem (although they have whole teams dedicated to it) and that you can trust them to monitor your pay per click ad campaigns and get you back every penny you deserve. It just isn't so folks.

The few arrests like these are cheered on by the PPC networks as the problem being dealt with effectively. Truth is, even security researches are doubtful whether click fraud bot arrests like this actually curtails the fraud activity. Why? Because the world of click fraud is tied to viruses and malicious hacking.

As computers are taken over and controlled by viruses / hackers it means that they can be used to host click fraud bots and click your ads all from different IPs from all over the world. This is why you cannot leave click fraud monitoring up to the search engines and PPC networks. Only you or the agency managing your advertising campaigns are familiar enough with your ad campaigns to spot suspicious activity such as click spikes and conversion drop offs related to ad placement and spend.

VeriClix is the web's only free click fraud software service that alerts advertisers in real-time to defined suspicious activity levels. VeriClix allows advertisers to run powerful custom reports and export their reports and click activity information into a variety of formats. Create your free click fraud monitoring account today.


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