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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Click Fraud & The Travel Industry

From what I read over 50% of all online users who are booking online start with the search engines. Because of this, and the fact that a combined organic listing and a paid listing could double or triple conversions, makes pay per click advertising a must-have for serious online travel booking sites. That combined with the $1-$12 keyword buy-ins makes the travel industry an ideal target for click fraud.

The same basic rules apply for monitoring for pay per click fraud, or as some call it "Google Fraud":

1. Establish a cost-per-acquisition tracking model.
How can you measure ROI without knowing what it costs you to obtain a sale? How do you know if your PPC advertising is making you money or hemorrhaging money? You should know, on a keyword level, how much every PPC advertising dollar earns in revenue. Are you spending $1 to make $2 or $2 to make $1?

2. Sign up for a click fraud software service.
A click fraud company such as VeriClix (which is free of course) should provide you a click fraud auditing and monitoring solution that automatically archives all PPC activity and monitors in real-time for suspicious activity.

3. Keep in touch with your account reps.
Talk with your PPC rep at Google, Overture (Yahoo! Search Marketing), Kanoodle, etc. When you feel you have captured suspicious activity and request a refund.


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