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Friday, November 25, 2005

Google CEO - Eric Schmidt: You Don't Need To Know What We Do With Your Ads

The Sydney Morning Herald had a good article "The search engine powered by money" referring to the Google Adwords PPC network, mostly.

Some highlights:

..."[Google] is trying to have big retailers link their inventory systems directly to its advertising auction." (A knife in the back to SEMers.)

"...many advertisers criticize Google for being like a black box, because the company gives them less specific information and control than they would like."

"...but Google has sometimes been hard to deal with. There is a growing sense that a significant number of clicks that advertisers pay for are fraudulent - made by competitors trying to deplete advertising budgets or by websites trying to bolster the revenue they get for displaying the ads. Google says it has technology to minimize "click fraud", but many think the incidence of fraud is not as low as Google contends."

And Schmidt's response is what you would expect a public company, one not with a "do no evil" mentality to say:

"...advertisers are missing the point of Google's new model. It shouldn't matter what Google does with their ads, he argues, so long as the received value, which advertisers can measure, is higher than the price they pay."


I'm missing the point? My dear Eric, you miss the point. Who is Google to set my expectations? Who is Google to define what is an acceptable return on my investment?

What Eric is saying is that as long you make some money don't complain. So I should be happy with my 2% conversion rates when they could be 5%?

Google tries to solve everything through code. Sorry guys, just as you realized there will always need to be a human element to search, ditto for search advertising.

I don't understand why they don't want to provide advertisers will ALL of the information relative to their advertising campaigns unless there was a good deal of information they don't want you to know. Like maybe click fraud is more of a problem as their CFO had said it was a while back. They have tried to back pedal from that statement so much its wonder they haven't gone back in time.

Google needs to tell us exactly what is going on with our advertising campaigns:

What sites are featuring our ads?

What is our conversion rate by keyword for each of those sites?

Let me know this information so I can cut the fat and channel that more PPC money to similar sites and increase my ROI!


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