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Friday, July 15, 2005

Suspicious traffic drawn by Kanoodle ads on Web

Tell me something I don't know. Kanoodle has had problems with 'fishy traffic' for years.

"Kanoodle screens traffic for advertisers and reports the number of suspicious clicks that were blocked from reaching their site, Podell said."

Another example of PPC networks trying to 'police' themselves. Of course they wont provide information on what their criteria is for suspicious clicks. Basically its 'Here's what a great job we did filtering out fraudulent clicks'. And of course they more than likely have no way of publicly backing these numbers up.

"Long said he discovered the one-second traffic only because he set up his Web site specifically to track detailed information about visitors. Ordinarily his site would generate only summary information." need to be actively monitoring for click fraud all the time. Don't invest hundreds our thousands of dollars with no protection.Podell predicted that the paid-search industry will win its battle with click fraud before it erodes confidence in the popular mode of online advertising.

"I think we're constantly improving and monitoring the quality of our networks," he said, "and building better technology."

What rubbish. The PPC Networks may win but what about the advertisers? As long as the PPC networks aren't held accountable and are allowed to police themselves and are allowed to keep information that pertains to your advertising dollars locked up how can the advertisers win?

Here's the full story at The Buffalo News.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Federal judge sends Internet-ad suit back to state court

This is rather surprising. In a Dallas/Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association meeting I attended Stephen Malouf, part of the legal representation of those who filed this suit, believed the federal judge would agree to the PPC networks motion that the case should be heard in a federal court base on a new law.

Apparently it would have been more advantageous for the PPC networks to have this case in a federal court. Mr. Malouf mentioned something to the effect that in the state court if the PPC networks were ordered to show their advertising activity records that they would have to respond and would not have an opportunity for an appeal.

That's one for the little guy.

Here's the full story in the Austin American-Statesman.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Tool: Click Fraud Calculator

Vinny Lingham at Clicks2Customers has created a short form that when answered can help to gauge your potential risk for fraud. Its an informative tool, however use it with a grain of salt as there are some variables that aren't touched on like what industry you are in (which is one of the most important questions). Here's the direct link to Vinny's tool.


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