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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Marketing Experiments - as much as 29.5% of clicks on Google's AdWords ads could be fraudulent

A recent study indicates that as much as 29.5% of clicks on Google's AdWords ads could be fraudulent.

From our research, we found that it is unlikely an individual committing click fraud by clicking an ad over and over will go undetected by Google. But our research also shows that when more sophisticated systems and software are used, only a small percentage of the fraud is detected, with fraud increasing proportionate to the bid price.
-Flint McGlaughlin, director of MEC labs

With as advanced as the technology is to defraud your advertising campaigns you need a click fraud software solution or service, such as VeriClix, to actively monitor your PPC campaigns and audit and archive the activity for future analysis.

Its not only a question of having the data stored for future trend analysis and a solution in place to capture all of the data, but also having the time to comb through the data and derive meaningful results from it that result in the detection of fraud and reimbursement.


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