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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Click Fraud Boutiques: Snake Oil?

I searched today on Google for the keyword phrase 'click fraud' (no quotes...I see why Matt Cutts says the guys at G use brackets [] when refering to queries, talk about confusing...but I digress). Unless you spent too much time on Google Moon or Jeeves Neptune you probably aware that numerous outique companies line the right side with their ads to cure your click fraud blues. Unfortunately many of them would have you believe that if you insert their tracking codes and their little JavaScript snippet into your landing pages that you can kick back and hit cruise control. Snake oil, folks. Snake oil.

The best deterent for click fraud is an auditing system that catalogues all of your pay per click activity and allows you to aggregate and filter all of that data into meaningful reports so that you can evaluate your PPC activity for anomolies that could indicate click fraud.

Unless you hire a PPC specialist or a firm, no one is going to know better than you as to how your PPC campaigns run. You cant remove you from the equation. Even Google with their algorithm uses people, without PhDs, to provide a level of quality control. You cant remove the human factor.

With the launching of VeriClix you've run out of excuses of why you dont know how much of a problem click fraud is for you. VeriClix will catalogue all of your PPC activity from any PPC network, and alert you to levels of suspicious activity that you specify. VeriClix features detailed yet easy to use customizable reports to filter the data to show exactly what you want to see and allows you to export it into several formats including comma delimeted, Excel, XML and Office XML.

Before you buy into that twelve month contract for good deal of change, allow VeriClix to show you the best click fraud detection tool out there. You.


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