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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Adwords Geotargeting May Not Stop Google Click Fraud

A click fraud company released a press release today saying that it is possible through "a back door" for a person with an IP in China to view ads for people looking for New York personal injury lawyers.

This could have consequences as it is possible for hackers and fraudsters to access ads they shouldn't be seeing. Google Adwords geotargeting has been one of the best ways for advertisers to limit exposure of their ads to their respective markets to reduce costs as well as to help reduce the amount of click fraud. However, if there a back door, advertisers have lost one of the few resources they have to protect themselves.

Shuman, from Google, whom I was fortunate to share a click fraud panel with at SES Chicago would probably say that while this is unfortunate that they would still be able to detect and throw out "low quality clicks" from countries not targeted with these ads. Unfortunately as John from Yahoo! Search Marketing said on the same panel, they would love to talk about it with us and share...but they are currently under lawsuit and can't say anything. Of course, the PPC networks never felt like talking before the suit either...which was first? The chicken or the egg??


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