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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Debbie Does Click Fraud

Well I probably shouldn't have been surprised but it seems that some pornography sites are taking click fraud to a new level, one that can go as far as to degrade a brand or company name ontop of taking advertiser's dollars.

Kessler International went undercover for 6 months and found pornography sites that were using pornographic pictures who's links were tied to PPC advertising sites - and not in the fetish kind of way. Basically clicking on one of these images took you to an advertisers site instead of more pornographic pictures. So you went to click on an image of Debbie and you might have wound up at Disney [shudder].

This is another example of how we can expect click fraud to grow and adapt. SEMPO last year said click fraud was estimated at $800 million dollars, which probably puts it into the billions by now. With that lucrative of a target for fraud why assume that:
1)It can't happen to you
2)It isn't already happening to you and
3) The PPC networks and search engines don't need help

Look into click fraud detection, auditing and monitoring services folks. Although I cant understand why you would want to pay for one, but get one even if you do pay.


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