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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Yahoo Has a Good Laugh at Customer's Click Fraud

There is a thread started over at the Search Engine Watch forums by Discovery about a keyword that normally fetched him 1-2 clicks a day jumping to 2,134 one day. These clicks cost his client $5,199 and the client made $0 (zero, nadda, zip, nien) , no conversions.

This apparently was the third time this had happened so he called his Yahoo rep who told him it would take 10 days for them to come to a decision of whether the activity was fraudulent or not (whether we are going to give up part of our revenue to you = conflict of interest). Meanwhile his client's account is off (due to the $5k of instant charges) and Yahoo wants the usual 3 x the daily spend average to reopen the account and the client is missing out on their normal daily leads.

At this point Discovery demands a refund in 24hrs with an explanation of what happened in 10 days or his client is going to let loose the lawyers. Its at this point that the Yahoo rep Shawn laughed at him. LAUGHED AT HIM. So, this is how Yahoo handles its PPC client services? This is how serious Yahoo takes click fraud and their customers losing thousands of dollars in a single day?

Im meeting with Steve Malouf again to discuss the current click fraud (maybe soon class action) lawsuit (Lane’s Gifts & Collectibles) where he is serving as part of the council for the plantiff where I hope to be able to help prove their case and help affect a change that is so drastically needed.


  • I have gone through the same deal with my Yahoo Rep 'Sarah'(I believe that is her name)a few times now. I watch the fraudulent clicks come in through real time statistics we get from Timpani a live chat service.
    Yahoo takes everything with a grain of salt and then when they do refund my dollars they never and I mean never admit wrongdoing or do anything to prevent it from happening again.
    Of course it's in their best interest to milk every penny they can out of marketers such as myself.
    Terrible situation. Let's hope they are required to pay back through this lawsuit.

    By Anonymous, at 9:19 AM  

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