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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Google's Israel country manager Meir Brand recites the click fraud explanation

Globes Online has an interview with Google's Israel country manager Meir Brand. Of course, the conversation eventually turns to pay per click fraud. It's humorous to note that the interviewer, Doron Avigad, says that Brand's response sounds like a recitation:

Google is a technology company, and, as such, it is very aware of the phenomenon. We're constantly developing technologies that quite satisfactorily cope with the problem. As far as we're aware, nothing has happened in the field that we've haven't been able to handle at the technological level.

Well of course they are going to get a rehearsed response. Anyone who is supposed to speak in an official capacity have all, more than likely, been schooled on exactly what to say and have stood in front of the mirror to practice. Of course this is contrast to the emails and phone calls I get from clients and future clients who are tired and frustrated over paying for clicks that they never had a chance to convert on. The response has to be approved and canned...after all they are under a landmark lawsuit headed up by Steve Malouf's team.


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