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Saturday, March 25, 2006

My Interview with Internet Retailer Magazine on Click Fraud and the Google Settlement

I did an interview with Mary Wagner, Senior Editor of Internet Retailer Magazine concerning the recent Google settlement and click fraud services and their role in a post-settlement world.

My goal was to :

1. Show that the settlement is a loser for advertisers past, present and future because:

a) Advertisers, at best, can only get some credits to use the same system that cost them their credited money in the first place

b)Nothing in the system changed. It's still the same process, with the same secrecy, with the same conflict of interest that will yield the same results

2. Show why Google would want this settlement:

a)Throw a small wad of money at the problem to see if it will go away

b)Stop losing billions in marketing capital

c)Maintain their secrecy and make sure they never show any conclusive data as to the actual scope of the problem

d)They get to put a PR spin on it that since the settlement was approved that Google's claim that only 1% of all click fraud is undetectable is valid

3. Show that services such as VeriClix will be there for the advertiser, not only in this soon to be 'gold-rush' for advertisers, but in the future as well to try to keep thing as legit as possible.

Full Story:


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