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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Jeff Martin Serving as a Consultant For The Google Settlement Case - Click Fraud Case

I have been retained by counsel for the Class in the currently pending Arkansas Class Action against Google (Lane's Gifts v. Google ) through Zunch Communications, Inc. where I serve as the Director of PPC Auditing & Click Fraud Detection. I am unable to say at this point what I have been working on and only that I am serving in a consulting capacity.

Dr. Alexander Tuzhilin was requested by Google and the Class in the currently pending Arkansas Class Action to perform an independentt expert evaluation of Google's handling of invalid clicks. It is a good read, the first of it's kind for sure. I will have more to say about Dr. Tuzhilin's report in the next day or two.

I will be traveling to Texarkana to attend the hearing on Monday, July 24th @ 9am CST. I'll be wearing a blue/green shirt with blue pants, if you see me, don't be a stranger!


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