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 October 13, 2010 newsletter fraud news

"Allowing the Search Engine / Pay Per Click companies to internally audit and set spam thresholds is a conflict of interests. What they deem as "tolerable fraud" translates into Millions of dollars added to their bottom line.

That's Millions in stolen money out of your pocket."

"seomike" -

VeriClix - A Click Fraud Company
The PPC networks control all the information in regards to your pay per click advertising dollars and only allow the information they want to pass on to you to trickle through their reporting systems. VeriClix was conceived and built by Jeff Martin and Mike Waltman for the sole purpose of providing pay per click advertisers with all the information in regards to the activity of their pay per click ad campaigns - including the information the the PPC networks aren't willing to share.

VeriClix is a click fraud company based out of Dallas Texas.

Why We Do It
You already pay for pay per click campaigns - you shouldn't have to pay to monitor and audit your pay per click campaigns for click fraud.

VeriClix is fully sponsored by relevant industry advertisers which allows us to provide a full featured, professional service at no cost to the user.

VeriClix gives you the knowledge of exactly how your advertising dollars are being spent up to the second - the way it should be.

Follow The White Rabbit
We encourage you to follow the PPC trends along, not only in national publications like the Wall Street Journal and Wired, but also in the search engine marketing forums found throughout the web. Only through public discussions and media coverage can we hope to have an impact on our industry. Jeff and Mike (seomike) frequent and speak in these forums:

  • Search Engine Watch Forums
  • Spider-Food Forums
  • Threadwatch
  • Web Master World
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VeriClix Launches Free Pay Per Click Fraud Monitoring Service

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