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 October 13, 2010 newsletter fraud news

"The more money hemorrhaged due to fraud, the higher your CPA goes and the lower your ROI is.

Having a third party pay per click fraud monitoring service, such as VeriClix, allows your to fully understand how big of a fraud problem you have."

-Jeff Martin
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Free Click Fraud Detection Services
Monitoring your PPC traffic for click fraud has never been easier. VeriClix uses state of the art methods to tag internet traffic as it comes into your site via your Pay Per Click campaigns. VeriClix then tags the user and logs any return visits made to your site through a pay per click network. One line of code on your landing page is all that is necessary to begin monitoring for click fraud and start protecting your advertising investments. Signup Now >>

Customizable Click Fraud Thresholds
The VeriClix fraud settings are completely customizable to your specifications. While VeriClix can guide and make suggestions for thresholds, you define what traffic/trends should be flagged and how you are to be alerted. VeriClix empowers you with the knowledge to know what exactly is happening with your advertising dollars and provides much more detail than the PPC networks are willing to share. Take control of your PPC campaigns! Signup Now >>

Customizable Click Fraud Reporting
VeriClix incorporates a Free Pay Per Click Auditing Service meant to immediately alert you when suspicious activity is occurring in your pay per click campaigns and to assist you with recovering lost advertising dollars due to click fraud.

VeriClix provides advanced, yet simple to use, customizable reports that can be exported in several formats and sent to your Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing (Overture), Kanoodle or other PPC network representative.

With detailed IP and cookie based reporting, VeriClix can tag and track dynamic & proxy IP addresses and multiple user / LAN Networks sharing IP addresses. These report can be configured to display:

  • Date to date fraud by IP
  • Static and/or dynamic IPs
  • Suspected fraud by query/ad/network
  • Suspected fraud trend reporting
  • And many other customizable reports...
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VeriClix, a click fraud company, provides the only free pay per click fraud detection and auditing software services
that monitor and report all pay per click activity from Google Adwords / Adsense, Overture, Kanoodle and all other CPC networks.