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 October 13, 2010 newsletter fraud news

Free Click Fraud Auditing Services
Are you capturing all of your PPC visitor data? Can you view all of your pay per click activity in real time and examine each visit down to the IP address and time they visited?

VeriClix's free pay per click fraud auditing software provides a level of detail of your pay per click advertising that Google, Overture and the other PPC networks don't provide. You can now have an unbiased and unfiltered account of all of the pay per click activity of your ad campaigns while simultaneously protecting your PPC advertising dollars against click fraud.

Double checking your PPC data on multiple campaigns has never been easier with our click fraud auditing software. When you login to your account you can build and manage custom reports for all campaigns from one interface. VeriClix can also alert you to suspicious activity in real-time.

The customizable reports allow for easy comparison of all of your PPC data allowing you to effectively analyze and monitor the performance and trends in your PPC campaigns. All of your custom reports can be exported into a variety of formats such as CSV, Excel, XML and MS Excel XML formats.

The best thing you can do is to know what normal traffic to your site looks like. Once you become familiar with your PPC performance trends, looking for fraudulent trends will be much easier. Sign up for VeriClix today!

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VeriClix, a click fraud company, provides the only free pay per click fraud detection and auditing software services
that monitor and report all pay per click activity from Google Adwords / Adsense, Overture, Kanoodle and all other CPC networks.