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 October 13, 2010 newsletter fraud news

"Allowing the Search Engine / Pay Per Click companies to internally audit and set spam thresholds is a conflict of interests. What they deem as "tolerable fraud" translates into Millions of dollars added to their bottom line.

That's Millions in stolen money out of your pocket."

"seomike" -

VeriClix Services

Free Pay Per Click Fraud Monitoring
VeriClix pay per click fraud monitoring can detect and alert you to click fraud trends in real time. VeriClix reporting will show up to the second data on any PPC network including:
  • Google Adwords
  • Yahoo! Internet Marketing (Overture)
  • Kanoodle
  • Findwhat
  • and Others...

VeriClix provides advanced, yet easy to use, custom reporting and allows for exporting in several different formats including CSV, XML and Microsoft Office XML. These reports make is easier to understand how serious of a click fraud problem you have and are ready for submittal to your PPC representative.

If you have control over where the ppc ad sends the user (the forwarding URL), then you can use VeriClix for monitoring your ppc campaigns. Free Click Fraud Software Service

Free Pay Per Click Auditing
VeriClix catalogs all your pay per click traffic from any and all PPC networks into our easy-to-use custom reporting area. You'll be able to login, build custom reports, set notification thresholds and compare clicks from all PPC networks for any monitored time period.

Instead of hunting through your server logs or looking through mounds of data in your web traffic reporting, VeriClix makes it easy to see all of your historical PPC activity or up to the second data in real-time. Free Pay Per Click Auditing Software

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VeriClix, a click fraud company, provides the only free pay per click fraud detection and auditing software services
that monitor and report all pay per click activity from Google Adwords / Adsense, Overture, Kanoodle and all other CPC networks.